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Campfire Stew: Mixed Bean Shakshuka

Campfire Stew: Mixed Bean Shakshuka

Want to embrace the outdoor this Spring and Summer? Then this is the perfect dish to make, especially whilst out and about camping! Our Mixed Bean Shakshuka (Try saying that after a few drinks) is full of flavour and fun to make.

If you are cooking this dish on an open fire, be sure to use a fire proof dish and only cook on the embers, not the open flames.


*These beans are just for example. You can use a mixture of whichever beans you like. Prior to making this dish you will need to have soaked your beans in water for 8-10 hours.

1. Pour the vegetable oil into a casserole dish or deep frying pan and place on the stove on a high heat. Once the oil has heated, add the onion, garlic granules, cinnamon and paprika. Fry the onion off for about 5 minutes before adding the pepper cook for about 5 more minutes. 

2. Once the onion and pepper have softened, add the tinned tomato's and the beans. Fill the tins about a quarter of the way with water and pour this into the dish. Add the freekeh – the water from the tomatoes will cook it just like rice. Turn the heat to low and let the whole mixture simmer for about 20 minutes stirring occasionally. You can add more water as needed.

3. Turn the heat back up to medium and tear up the spinach, mixing it into the dish. If you are not adding the eggs, once the spinach has wilted you can serve it! If you are adding the eggs, use a spoon to make 4 little wells in the mixture, cracking an egg into each of them. Place the lid on the dish and cook for about 5 minutes or until the eggs are to your liking.

4. Serve this dish with pitta bread, good music and great company!

If you like your campfire food to have a bit of a kick, why not try adding some chilli powder or flakes.

Once again, let us know if you give it a go and what you think.

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