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Escape to the garden

Escape to the garden

I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again, what a crazy few months it has been! The shop is still closed to customers but we’re doing really well with our online orders – thank you so much to everyone who has adapted to this way of ordering – I hope you are finding it easy. That said, I am desperate to re-open the shop and start welcoming you all back in and I hope to be in a position to do this soon, I just need to make sure that it’s safe to do so. I am currently waiting on the delivery of some veggie gloves as I can’t bear to use plastic ones – I hate the thought of them all ending up in the ocean ☹.

In order to escape the dreaded ‘C’ word, and stay sane, me and the girls in the shop have been experimenting in our gardens growing our own treats and I wanted to share with you what we have been up to as we’re all finding it so satisfying and rewarding. From Dee’s windowsill, to my fair-sized garden, we have managed to cover an impressive array different types of food.

Nikki’s garden:
First off, my bed of all sorts! I’m well impressed with my Artichokes I’ve grown them from seed. I love the spiky shape although I’m not quite sure how to cook them yet - need to get googling...👀.

Sweet pepper plants – these were given to me by Laura, my dog walker. She walks Miss Piggy when I’m working at Zero during the day. She’s been an absolute gem! She comes highly recommend, if you need a dog walker, check out her Facebook page!

My herb box - Sage, Fennel, Thyme and Oregano - I love the oregano colour against my recently painted porch – the colours look electric! My porch was previously a very dark brown and painting it this vibrant blue has transformed the whole garden.

Tomatoes and sweet peas – these came from Liz’s garden, I swapped them for sweetcorn plants! I need to split them this weekend as they’re growing like crazy!

Liz’s garden:
Tomatoes – I am sure the packet said that these were ‘Tumbling Toms’ but they don’t seem to be tumbling and soon I won’t be able to see out of my kitchen window!

Broccoli – I bought these as tiny baby plants from the garden centre just before lockdown and last night we had our first taste of them – they were absolutely delish – so tender and fresh.

Spinach – I've grown this from seeds which my Aunt gave me in exchange for some lettuce seeds, everyday I pick them and the next day they have all grown back 😊.

Marjoram, Thyme, Chives - I love growing herbs as I find that supermarket ones always come in plastic and they never last. The marjoram is my favourite, if you mix it with some mascarpone cheese and put it on a pizza it is fantastic.

Salad – I always like to have a few pots of ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves by the back door. They have been a bit slow to get going this year (although I have to keep reminding myself that it’s still only May) but I think we’re nearly ready to starting cutting.

Dee’s windowsill:
Avocado – So this is a bit of an experiment, apparently if you take the stone and suspend it half in water on cocktail sticks it will grow. But… after two months I am yet to witness this growth!

Spring onion – I saw this on Instagram, if you cut off and use the green bit of the onion and then put the root bit in water it re grows – which it is 😊.

Rosemary – I bought this in the supermarket about 6 months ago, with limited space I chose this as it’s a really versatile herb. Fortunately, I have finally persuaded my flat mate to allow me to build some troughs in our limited outside space so I can now start planting an array of herbs.





Roxy's room:
I love having plants in my room, I’ve been growing them for about three years and at the last count I was up to 37! When they get too big, I pot them on, my cheese plant has been re-potted three times!

Nikki has recently given me her Aloe Vera to try and resurrect as it had been a bit neglected. I re-potted it and it’s doing well. I am trying something new with one part of it… I have planted it in a banana within the pot as apparently that will help it… I’m waiting to see the results!

As well as growing plants, I also like to make pots, I up-cycled some magazines by weaving them together to make this plant pot. And I decorated another one using glass paint and Sharpies.

We’re all amateur gardeners and are learning as we go but it has been so nice chatting to each other in the shop about how are ‘babies’ are doing and we’re looking forward to doing some produce swapping soon! I know loads of people are growing their own this year, I hope you’re finding it as rewarding as we are, it turns out that there are some benefits to the lock-down!

Happy Sunday everyone! x



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