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From zero to Zero - Part 3

From zero to Zero - Part 3

We've been open for nearly three months and it's blown my mind how many customers we've had through the door. People are so happy that we're in town and are really keen to support us and do their bit for the environment.

I wasn't sure who my customer base would be but it's fair to say that they range from 9 to ninety! I love seeing young children bring their parents in - it goes to show how schools are backing our desperate need to save the planet.

I love the fact that people come in and want to have a chat and find out more about what we do and I encourage that. We've just had a little coffee bar put in and we invite customers to have a coffee, in exchange for a donation to the International Animal Rescue. I'm going to be putting together a little library of books soon which I hope will help people learn more about the small changes they can make to help the cause.

We have two big hits in the shop, the infamous peanut butter machine where kids (of all ages) make their own peanut butter - its 100% peanuts - nothing else and it tastes delicious. And we've just started getting a daily delivery of fresh artisan breads and cakes from The Sussex Kitchen, in Uckfield, which is proving to be very popular. 

Obviously, not everything has been a hit, I have some particularly tricky Aloe Vera chunks to shift - let me know if you know of any good uses for them!

Oh, one other thing, as you may have read in previous posts, I love my dog and I encourage customers to bring theirs out with them when they visit so I have installed some doggie hooks where they can wait patiently outside while you shop. In the Summer, I hope to have a few chairs out there so you can enjoy a coffee in the sun with your four-legged friends!




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