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Bonfire Night: How to have a fun, safe, eco friendly night!

Bonfire Night: How to have a fun, safe, eco friendly night!

"Remember, remember remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot."

The rhyme has been ingrained into most of our heads from a very young age, but if you're anything like me, you might have forgotten why we celebrate on the 5th of November in the first place.

In 1605, just after King James I had taken over the thrown from Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, a group of 13 conspirators wanted to end his rule and restore a catholic heir to the thrown. Their plot to do this was to blow up the houses of parliament where the king would be to address the house. On the evening of the 4th of November, the groups leader, Guido Fawkes was tasked with guarding the barrels of gunpowder that had been stored in the basement beneath the houses of parliament. 

Somehow an anonymous letter made its way into the hands of a man named Lord Monteagle, tipping him off that something was going to happen in the houses the following day. Of course, being a loyal subject, Lord Monteagle went running to the king to tell him of the plot. A search of the grounds was then ordered in the early hours of the 5th, where Guido Fawkes was found guarding the gunpowder. He and the 12 others were then arrested, obviously, I don't think he could have blamed his presence there on a wrong turn whilst walking home from the pub.  

The 13 conspirators were found guilty of treason against the king and subsequently publicly hung, drawn and quartered. Apart from Guy Fawkes, he just had to be different and broke free from the guards, jumping to his death into the moat of the tower of London, and dying from a broken neck - there always has to be one. 

In todays society, the history of Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night is sometimes forgotten, but you do occasionally see burning effigies of guy fawkes burning in the bonfire.  

It is important to remember that although fireworks can be pretty, there are some implications to the environment that come with them. Here are some ideas to help you have a fun, eco friendly time at Guy Fawkes night this year: 

1) Silent Fireworks

Whilst many people love the loud pops and bangs that fireworks make, accompanied by the oooh's and ahh's of spectators, many people forget about wildlife and animals who get frightened by them. Wildlife in particular are very skittish by nature and run at the slightest foreign sound, so fireworks night can be very stressful for them. Many species of wildlife cannot deal with the stress of fireworks and therefore die of heart attacks and shock. If we don't have a good balance of wildlife then the eco system will be damaged meaning we may not be able to grow food or crops. 

2) Recycling

Most fireworks are bought in cardboard tubes that are then spiked into the ground on a metal or plastic spike to then be lit. If you can, after the fireworks have been used, separate the plastic, metal and carboard and put into the appropriate recycling bins to prevent them from being sent to landfill. 

3) Snacks

If you can, buy snacks that are plastic free. Such as homemade popcorn, plastic free crisps and sweets, and chocolates in tin foil rather than plastic bags. Conveniently, here at Zero we are masters of snacks and can assist you in creating your perfect blend so you can have an awesome night out. 
If you wanted to, you could even have a go at making your very own toffee apples by melting sugar and water in a pan until it is golden brown and then dipping and apple in there. Why not have a go! 

If you have a go at any of these ideas, be sure to take a photo of your fun night and tag us on instagram with #ZeroWasteGuyFawkes 

Have fun and Happy Guy Fawkes!

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