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Mack: BioTech Cleaning Products That Could Change The Way We Clean

Mack: BioTech Cleaning Products That Could Change The Way We Clean

You may have seen in store or on our newsletter that we have a brand new set of cleaning products. These products are the first of their kind, using bio technology to clean your home. Bio Technology is a way of using completely natural, good enzymes and bacteria that fight the nasty ones that makes your kitchen dirty. So yes, its bacteria fighting bacteria, kind of like robot wars, but with a lot less machinery.

The founders of Mack, Ian and Ant are quite possibly the cheeriest people on the planet. They are so passionate about their products and all they seem to care about is helping the environment. Their company is only 2 years old and already they are suppling their cleaning products to large retailers such as lush. Can you imagine how many plastic bottles that has saved?!

Mack, as a company are partnered with Sea Shepherd, a non-profit conservation organisation that protect ocean life. Many cleaning cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, that when flushed end up in the ocean which then kill aquatic life. Mack products are completely natural and non-toxic which causes no damage to marine life. 

So not only is it cleaning your home with the best cleaning technology, but it's saving the marine environment as well. There is no reason not to use them really! 

If you've had a heavy night out and happen to mistake any of the cleaners for a 1976 bottle of Bourbon Whiskey, don't worry, you'll live. Granted, you'll feel a little groggy, but you'll be fine. There are no harmful products in any of the cleaners, but in its undiluted form it could be an irritant to skin.

In store we have 6 Mack products:

Auntie Bac - An amazing disinfectant perfect for surfaces and touch points such as door handles and toilet seats. 
Ocean Potion - A glass cleaner that will leave you windows, mirrors and picture frames sparkling and streak free. 
MTV - Cherry freshener which will make your furniture, smelly trainers, dog beds and cushions smell good enough to eat! - Seriously, this stuff smells good amazing! 
WTF (Wash Those Floors)- The floor cleaner which is currently cleaning the floors in every lush store in the country! It won't leave the floor sticky or tacky to walk on, just clean enough to eat from. 
The Shining - Say goodbye to the limescale in your bathroom as this will sort that out in seconds! 
Fat Buoy - If your hobs are constantly getting greasy, this is the degreaser for you! For really tough stains, use 2 applications followed by Auntie Bac for an extra deep clean. 

1 x 25ml shot of any of the cleaners when filled with water will create 500ml - 750ml of cleaner. So you'll have plenty to clean your whole house! 

The Zero Shop is the first zero waste shop in the UK to sell these amazing products and we feel extremely privileged to do so. All of us here absolutely adore their products and we hope that you will to. 

Pop in store to try them out. 

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