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Natural Cleaning!

Natural Cleaning!

I've been experimenting with scented vinegar for household cleaning, it's really easy and I love trying out different scents. I'm always dubious about what goes into commercial cleaning sprays but with this, I know exactly what's in it and there are no nasties.

1. Fill a jar (a Kilner-type jar is ideal) half-full with citrus peel and herbs (pick whatever you like from your garden, - I went for lemon and thyme)

2. Heat enough white vinegar (available in the shop) to fill the jar until almost boiling

3. Pour the vinegar over the herbs and seal the jar

4. Store in a cool, dark place for 24 hours

5. After 24 hrs the mix should be ready to use - for a deeper scent leave for longer

6. Strain the peel and herbs out of mixture and discard

7. Voila - your mix is ready to use!

Vinegar has many uses for cleaning, I use it to give my bath and shower a daily clean, it can be also used as a glass cleaner, and it also gets rid of mildew.

Add a sprinkling of bicarbonate soda to get rid of more stubborn stains.

This recipe is taken from Natural Home Cleaning by Fern Green. If you're going to give it a go, please be aware that as a shop owner, not a cleaning creater, I cannot accept any responsibility if the outcome is not what you expect, and I guess I must also advise you not to drink it!

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