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For the whole of July we are offering a **FREE** plain muffin cake mix on all orders over £25!
For the whole of July we are offering a **FREE** plain muffin cake mix on all orders over £25!

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  • 6 extra large eggs

    6 free range eggs - Extra Large

    £2.28 Freshest, free range eggs from Five Chimneys in Hadlow Down.

  • aduki beans

    aduki beans

    £0.46 per 100gm Aduki beans are an East Asian crop and the most popular pulse in Japan.  They have a unique, sweet, nutty flavour and are often use...

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  • ajino tayori Japanese crackers

    ajino tayori

    1.40 per 100gm A spicy mixture of Japanese corn crackers. ingredients PEANUTS, Corn starch, WHEAT flour, Sugar, Corn flour, SESAME seed, Potato sta...

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  • ajwain seeds

    ajwain seeds

    £1.50 per 100gm Ajwain seeds are frequently used in Indian cuisine. The seeds taste similar to oregano/anise and is often described as a fruity, "s...

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  • allspice ground

    £1.50 per 100gm Allspice berry has a warm, fragrant aroma which tastes like a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves.  Allspice is used bot...

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  • whole allspice (pimento)

    allspice whole [pimento]

    £2.40 per 100gm Use it in curry powders, Jamaican vegetable rubs and lots of other novel sweet and savoury recipes. Allspice is peppery and pungent...

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  • almond croissant

     £1.60 each From the award winning artisan Sussex Kitchen Bakery NOTE;  Bakery orders received before 10am will be available for collection from 9a...

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  • Ground almonds or almond flour

    almond flour

    £1.80 per 100gm This sweet, nutty, low-carb and paleo-friendly food is often used for gluten free baking. Use almond flour to bake cakes, biscuits,...

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  • blanched almonds

    almonds - blanched

    £2.35 per 100gm blanched almonds ingredients ALMONDS allergens This product is not recommended for any person sensitive or allergic to any nut type...

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  • almonds - raw

    £1.68 per 100gm ingredients Almonds 100% allergens Nuts, almonds.  May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.  Packed in an area where all aller...

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  • amchoor powder

    £1.70 per 50gm Amchoor powder is a fruity spice powder made from dried unripe green mangoes.  It is a citrus like seasoning and is widely used in I...

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  • pasta shapes - animals zoo

    animal pasta shapes **NEW!!**

    £0.24 per 100gm Quick cook pasta - ideal for the little (and not so little!) members of the family. ingredients durum WHEAT semolina, water allerge...

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  • aniseed - ground

    £1.60 per 100gm ingredients Aniseed 100% allergens Packed in an area where all allergens are present storage store in a cool dry area away from dir...

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  • apple and cinnamon crisps

    apple + cinnamon crisps

    £3.90 per 100g cinnamon flavoured apple crisps (86% apple, 2% cinnamon) ingredients Apple, Palm oil, Dextrin, Cinnamon allergens May contain; peanu...

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  • apple pie cluster

    £1.90 per 100gm White chocolate clusters with apple and cinnamon. ingredients Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole MILK powder, Raisins, whey powder (contain...

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  • apple rings

    £1.36 per 100gm Delicious soft apple rings, dried to perfection!  Perfect as a snack, an addition to your morning cereal or can used as a substitut...

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  • apple spiced fruit tea

    apple spiced fruit tea*

    £5.00 per 100gm Apple Spiced Fruit Tea is a seriously, delicious apple experience; one you'd only expect to find from a luxury herb and fruit tea. ...

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  • apricots whole - non SO2

    £0.90 per 100gm Apricots sun dried without sulphur dioxide preservative (SO2).  As they do not contain a preservative they are darker than those no...

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  • apricots whole SO2

    £0.90 per 100gm Dried Malatya apricots ingredients Dried Apricots: 99.8% E220: 0,2 % allergens Sulphur dioxide E220  Packed in an environment where...

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  • arborio rice

    £0.35 per 100gm Arborio is a traditional Italian rice used most often in Risotto recipes.  Arborio is high in amylopectin starch, and undergoes les...

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  • arrowroot

    £0.95 per 100gm Arrowroot is a type of starch and can be used as a substitute for cornflour. It is used in baking and to thicken liquids.

  • asafoetida

    £4.70 per 100g. Asafoetida is the spice that makes Indian food taste Indian!  It has a very strong, pungent smell but when used properly superchar...

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  • Sold out

    baharat spice

    £2.20 per 100g For a taste of Arabia. A fragrant spice blend with warm clove and cardamom notes to make roast lamb a dish fit for a king!  It can a...

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  • baked + salted peanuts

    £0.70 per 100gm roasted salted peanuts ingredients PEANUTS, Arachis oil (PEANUT) allergens Peanuts nutrition Energy kJ 2626 kJ/100 g Energy kc...

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