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baking + flour

  • The Zero Shop Heathfield flour 100g almond flour

    almond flour

    £1.80 per 100gm This sweet, nutty, low-carb and paleo-friendly food is often used for gluten free baking. Use almond flour to bake cakes, biscuits,...

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  • The Zero Shop Heathfield nuts 100g almonds - blanched

    almonds - blanched

    £2.35 per 100gm blanched almonds ingredients ALMONDS allergens This product is not recommended for any person sensitive or allergic to any nut type...

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  • The Zero Shop 100gm arrowroot


    £0.95 per 100gm Arrowroot is a type of starch and can be used as a substitute for cornflour. It is used in baking and to thicken liquids.

  • Zero flour 100g baking powder

    baking powder

    £0.40 per 100gm Baking Powder is used in a variety of cakes and pastries as a raising agent. ingredients Raising agents (E450i, E500ii) Flour (whea...

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  • Zero flour 100g bicarbonate of soda - for baking

    bicarbonate of soda - for baking

    £0.44 per 100gm ingredients Sodium bicarbonate allergens free from gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya. Packed in an environment where all allergen...

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  • The Zero Shop 100gm brown teff flour - organic

    brown teff flour - organic

    £1.60 per 100gm Teff is an ancient grain from Ethiopia and Eritrea.  Teff leads all the grains – by a wide margin – in its calcium content, with a ...

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  • The Zero Shop flour 100g buckwheat flour

    buckwheat flour

    £0.34 per 100g Slightly speckled and mildly sweet, this stoneground ancient grain flour loves cakes, pancakes and biscuits. ingredients 100% buckw...

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  • The Zero Shop flour 100g buckwheat flour - Doves organic

    buckwheat flour - Doves organic

    £0.30 per 100gm Buckwheat flour - organic ingredients Buckwheat (100%) allergens may contain cereals containing gluten, wheat, wheat or other glute...

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  • The Zero Shop 100gm cacao nibs

    cacao nibs

    £1.50 per 100gm Cacao nibs are pieces of crushed cacao beans and are highly nutritious, full of antioxidants and naturally low in sugar.  Try addin...

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  • zero spice 500g caraway seeds - for baking

    caraway seeds - for baking

    £0.98 per 100gm These bakers grade caraway seeds are preferred by professionals, and are ideal for adding to your favourite artisan bread or baking...

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  • The Zero Shop 100g carob powder - organic

    carob powder - organic

    £1.70 per 100g Carob powder is a great alternative to cocoa powder. It is made from dried, roasted carob tree pods that are ground into a powder an...

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  • Zero mix 500g (makes  one 6in cake) carrot cake mix

    carrot cake mix

    £0.42 per 100g Recipe CARROT CAKE MIX RECIPE 500g Carrot Cake Mix 215g water 22g vegetable oil 75g freshly grated carrot Method Place dry mix into ...

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  • The Zero Shop 12oz jar cashew butter

    cashew butter

    £6.50 per 12oz jar  A jar of our own freshly roasted cashew butter with no added ingredients, just pure cashews. Alternatively why not visit the sh...

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  • Zero sugar 100g caster sugar

    caster sugar

    £0.19 per 100g Caster sugar for baking ingredients 100% purified white crystalline cane sugar allergens storage store in dry, ambient conditions, ...

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  • The Zero Shop flour 100g chickpea flour (gram flour) - gluten free

    chickpea flour (gram flour) - gluten free

    £0.38 per 100gm Chick Pea Flour (Gram Flour) is a  naturally gluten free fine yellow flour with an earthy flavour.  It is used widely in Indian cui...

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  • a mix 500g chocolate brownie mix **NEW**

    chocolate brownie mix **NEW**

     £0.44 per 100g Just add water to create a rich, dense fudgy brownie.  Easy peasy!! recipe CHOCOLATE BROWNIES (makes 12) 500g Chocolate Brownie Mix...

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  • a mix 500g (makes 12 muffins) chocolate muffin mix

    chocolate muffin mix

     £0.59 per 100g recipe CHOCOLATE MUFFINS (makes 12) 500g Chocolate Muffin Cake Mix 220ml water 130ml vegetable oil 100g inclusions (optional) i.e. ...

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  • a chocolate 100g chocolate shavings - MILK

    chocolate shavings - MILK

    £1.16 per 100gm Hot chocolate like you have never tasted before!  Gently heat milk and shavings in a saucepan (being careful not to let it boil) - ...

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  • a fruit 100g chopped mixed peel

    chopped mixed peel

    £0.60p per 100g PLEASE BRING IN YOUR OWN CONTAINER FOR US TO FILL WHEN ORDERING THIS PRODUCT ingredients Glucose – fructose syrup, Orange peel, Inv...

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  • Heathfield zero shop spice 50g citric acid

    citric acid

    £0.80 per 100gm Found naturally in citrus fruits, citric acid is one of the most common food preservatives.  Citric acid is a concentrated powder a...

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  • a chocolate 100g cocoa powder

    cocoa powder

    £0.90 per 100gm ingredients Cocoa Beans, Potassium Carbonate E501 allergens cocoa, Potassium Carbonate E501  storage Store in cool, dry, odour free...

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  • The Zero Shop flour 100g coconut flour - organic

    coconut flour - organic

    £0.47 per 100gm Organic Coconut Flour is made from 100% coconut meat, which is the inner white lining of a coconut. It has been dried and ground to...

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  • The Zero Shop sugar 100g coconut sugar - organic

    coconut sugar - organic

    £0.88 per 100gm Contains no additives or preservatives. This natural sugar, with a typical sweet caramel/butterscotch aroma)  is produced from the ...

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  • a flour 100g cornflour


    £0.20 per 100gm