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about us


I’m Nikki and I opened the Zero shop to help Heathfield do their bit for the environment. I grew up in Sussex and I am an artist, dog lover and (as of December 2019) a shop owner!
We are a zero waste, plastic free shop selling food, cleaning products and toiletries. We source products locally where possible, and we try and cater for a range of diets including vegan and gluten free.
I can’t stand to see the effect that all of our plastic waste is having on the environment. If we don’t make changes to the way we shop now, our planet won’t stand the test of time.
Our aim is to reduce waste and packaging so we encourage you to bring your own containers, we’ll weigh them when you arrive, and then again when you have done your shopping so you only pay for your products, not the packaging. If you don’t have enough containers, you can buy them in the shop, or we supply brown paper bags so you don’t have to carry your rice home in your hands!
You’ll find us on Hailsham Road in Heathfield, there’s parking on the road outside but we’d love it if you came by bike or on foot!
Being a local, independent business, we do what we can to support similar
businesses, so we try to source our products locally where possible. A few of our suppliers include:
 The Sussex Kitchen – order your bakery treats with us by midday and they’ll be ready for you to collect the next morning. Beware of the cheese scones, they are highly addictive!
 Bean Smitten Coffee – life is too short for substandard coffee so we have selected the best from Bean Smitten just down the road in Flimwell.
 The Raw Chocolate Company – based just outside Brighton, their products are as natural as possible so you can really taste the cacao, they’re certified organic and because the chocolate is so pure, it’s suitable for vegans.
 Sesi UK – based in Oxfordshire so not super local but we think they’re products are worth it as they are all vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop soon!

Nikki x