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 £3.95 each

From the award winning artisan Sussex Kitchen Bakery

NOTE;  Bakery orders received before 10am will be available for collection from 9am the following day, (except Sunday - orders placed by 10am Saturday will be available for collection on Monday).

A dark, slightly sweet, slightly sour Scandinavian style rye bread with toasted sunflower seeds. Dense and nutritious. Great sliced thin with lots of butter, cheese or fish.

Our bread is packaged in a paper bag as standard, or optionally in a plastic bag.

Sunflower seeds, rye biga, dark rye flour, honey, sea salt.

We produce all kinds of food from scratch in The Sussex Kitchen, and as a result, we use all ingredients imaginable. Although great care is taken, we would be unable to guarantee any product we produce or supply is allergen-free. If you suffer from severe food allergies we suggest you use a retailer/supplier that can cater more specifically to your needs.