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£2.30 per 100g

Great Taste Award 2016 & 2018 Winner 

Medium blend

Yellow bourbon coffee's which are so named for their unique yellow fruit, produce a remarkable crop, given the namesake of its nursery - Bourbon Island. This vibrant yellow crop with its unique flavour profile excelled in every way and is now industry renowned for quality, aroma and taste.

Once cupped, this coffee which is roasted to just after second crack or "city roast" as its often referred, turned out to be astonishingly clean and elegant. No doubt a result of a high degree of presorting and pickings to remove the un-ripes and defects at the farm.

The source itself is a rainforest alliance certified farm situated some 1200-1500 mtrs above sea level with extremely fertile volcanic soil - optimal growing conditions for superior quality arabica coffee!

When tasted expect notes of sweet plums and stone fruit acidity with warm spices to round up the cup. This espresso is also creamy yet balanced and exhibits plenty of nutty caramel tones to the coffee. This is one perfect cup for those who just want to enjoy a nice clean but flavoursome coffee...

A truly superior find! What's more, there's only a handful of roasters in Europe importing this unique bean, with the plantations rainforest alliance credentials.

NOTE: If you would like us to grind the beans for you please leave a note in the cart when placing your order!